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Aug 25

Common element: Water

Sometimes I have been asked why people see a benefit from the various snake oil products I am trying debunk and otherwise shine light on.  People are much more accepting of the fact that it’s not just a placebo effect. In my researching of the all of the scam products from Lifewave, Cieaura, bHIP, 8ight, …

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May 21

“Dr.” David Schmidt’s LifeWave Patent Application

Way back in 2002, David Schmidt filed for a Patent for his LifeWave patch — go so far as to refer to himself as “Dr” (He only has a 2 year business degree, he’s not a doctor of any sort) I have downloaded and OCR’ed the original patent application for your reference. Or you can …

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May 16

A web of scammers

I thought a new visual of how intertwined these guys are may help shed some light on the scam. While there are more players and ‘companies’ involved, this diagram represents what I have information to back up so far. Also view this image in PDF

May 15

Forum Discussions – MOH: Museum of Hoaxes and Discovery

There are two (extremely long) threads on Museum of Hoaxes that I have read through.  While full of opinions and criticisms, it may be a bit light on links to actual facts.  Plenty of links to the marketing spin produced by LifeWave, CieAura, etc — but few links to evidence that exposes their scam.   However, …

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Mar 27

Lifewave Due Diligence Worksheet

This site has a great run down of the holes in LifeWave’s claims.  Its presented as a Due Diligence worksheet for a conference Lifewave hosted to debunk them publicly, but its full of the same type of information for any of these scams Reading through company promotional materials, corporate documents, and affiliate testimonials does not …

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Mar 16

Initial research


After revisiting this CieAura claims several times in the past few days, I thought I would compile some of my research to hopefully benefit others from falling for it. CieAura is one of many companies woven over the past decade to sell these products. Their management and owners include several criminals who have been found …

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Mar 16


Why did I create this site? The tipping point was hearing that friends of mine were going to become resellers in a the snakeoil stickers sold by CeiAura. However, I am equally motivated by my distaste for scams in general … most of us work too hard to make a honest dollar to sit idle …

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