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Oct 31

Digital Media Group Announces the Acquisition of CieAura Assets

CieAura is being acquired by Digitial Media Group (DMG).  Ken Rasner and Paul Rogers remain executives in the new company, — I have yet to research what new players are involved. On October 3, 2012, Digital Media Group DMG successfully concluded negotiations to acquire certain operating assets of CieAura, LLC. via Digital Media Group Announces …

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May 16

A web of scammers

I thought a new visual of how intertwined these guys are may help shed some light on the scam. While there are more players and ‘companies’ involved, this diagram represents what I have information to back up so far. Also view this image in PDF

May 15

MOH Forum | CieAura: Is this the latest SCAM following in the LifeWave footsteps?

A forum response from museum of hoaxes in regards to CieAura’s Alternative Medicine supplement publication that CieAura likes to point to as proof of its effectiveness.  My opinion is that is ‘supplement’ is very different than being published in the magazine itself as its a end to end pulbication only about CieAura and only distributed …

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Mar 16

Initial research


After revisiting this CieAura claims several times in the past few days, I thought I would compile some of my research to hopefully benefit others from falling for it. CieAura is one of many companies woven over the past decade to sell these products. Their management and owners include several criminals who have been found …

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