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If you offer them free stuff, they will come. | Sceptic School

Some of the more interesting points:

  • Two placebos are stronger than one
  • Capsules are stronger than pills
  • Expensive placebos work better than cheap ones
  • People in different countries react different to placebos
  • Actual medicine also has a placebo affect
  • You can get addicted to placebos and suffer withdrawal when being taken off them



May 21

“Dr.” David Schmidt’s LifeWave Patent Application

Way back in 2002, David Schmidt filed for a Patent for his LifeWave patch — go so far as to refer to himself as “Dr” (He only has a 2 year business degree, he’s not a doctor of any sort) I have downloaded and OCR’ed the original patent application for your reference. Or you can …

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Mar 27

Are Balance Bracelets like I Renew and Power Balance Scams? | Tyler TX Directory

Another blog which came to similar conclusions about the power bracelets and similar products I had heard of the IRenew Bracelet, the Power Balance Bracelet, and the Pure Energy Band but this was now a new one I hadn’t yet heard of before. I chalked them all up to being the same scam. via Are …

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Mar 27

CieAura NBA APPROVED CX2 Wrist Band Strengh, Endurance, TIP TEST – Video

This is a test conducted by a holographic energy band Salesman. Watch how he pulls back on his Victim the first time, then pushes forward the second time. Of course he’ll lose his balance the first time, and be able to resist the second. The salesman insists that it’s his Holographic rubber band, but what …

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Mar 27

Lynn Morales CieAura CX2 Energy Band Tip Test DEBUNKED – Video

This is Lynn Morales ND and her daughter, Allison trying to prove that the Holographic energy band really works as described. Only problem is that she doesn’t actually perform the test the same way twice. These MLM salespeople need to come up with a better test. This Tip Test has been used for decades on …

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Mar 16

Initial research


After revisiting this CieAura claims several times in the past few days, I thought I would compile some of my research to hopefully benefit others from falling for it. CieAura is one of many companies woven over the past decade to sell these products. Their management and owners include several criminals who have been found …

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Nov 23

Power Balance Bracelet Company Hit With $57 Million Settlement, Expected To Go Bankrupt

Angry consumers who sued Power Balance, the company that makes those hologram-plastered athletic bracelets, will soon be winning a whopping $57 million settlement from the company, reports TMZ. In our advertising we stated that Power Balance wristbands improved your strength, balance and flexibility. We admit that there is no credible scientific evidence that supports our …

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