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If you offer them free stuff, they will come. | Sceptic School

Some of the more interesting points:

  • Two placebos are stronger than one
  • Capsules are stronger than pills
  • Expensive placebos work better than cheap ones
  • People in different countries react different to placebos
  • Actual medicine also has a placebo affect
  • You can get addicted to placebos and suffer withdrawal when being taken off them



Aug 24

Placebo Bands – Tips and Tricks!

In my researching to see if anyone had some new evidence against the various CieAura, etc scams — I came across this humorous site: Placebo Bands by   Complete with a how to guide on fooling someone into their “powers” using a few techniques such as

Mar 27

CieAura NBA APPROVED CX2 Wrist Band Strengh, Endurance, TIP TEST – Video

This is a test conducted by a holographic energy band Salesman. Watch how he pulls back on his Victim the first time, then pushes forward the second time. Of course he’ll lose his balance the first time, and be able to resist the second. The salesman insists that it’s his Holographic rubber band, but what …

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Mar 27

Lynn Morales CieAura CX2 Energy Band Tip Test DEBUNKED – Video

This is Lynn Morales ND and her daughter, Allison trying to prove that the Holographic energy band really works as described. Only problem is that she doesn’t actually perform the test the same way twice. These MLM salespeople need to come up with a better test. This Tip Test has been used for decades on …

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