Oct 31

Digital Media Group Announces the Acquisition of CieAura Assets

CieAura is being acquired by Digitial Media Group (DMG).  Ken Rasner and Paul Rogers remain executives in the new company, — I have yet to research what new players are involved.

On October 3, 2012, Digital Media Group DMG successfully concluded negotiations to acquire certain operating assets of CieAura, LLC.

via Digital Media Group Announces the Acquisition of CieAura Assets.

According to the Digitial Media Group Website:

(DMG) is the preferred global 3D image creator for one of the biggest manufacturers in the world. Our ability to effectively utilize and create a blend of creative tools and services can help revolutionize how your business approaches the constantly evolving world of eCommence. We are able to provide you with quality 3D photorealistic images at the speed required for your business’ advertising and marketing needs.

Sounds like a case of a customer so large (ie, CieAura’s printing of 3d stickers) that they might as well be a partner.


Looking at the Cieaura Management Team web page, it appears that Ken Rasner and Paul Rodgers are no longer listed — so perhaps this is a move to allow Paul Rodgers and Jerry Yerke to move up the chain of the scam.

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  1. Reverend Anaglyph

    For many years now I’ve been tangling with a bunch of people who sell a product called ‘ShooTag’ – a credit-card like gadget that’s supposed to repel fleas and ticks from your pets using… oh I dunno, magic, I guess. Yesterday I stumbled across CieAura (which as far as I know is banned where I live in Australia) and found to my absolute astonishment that the person who is listed as the CieAura ‘Chief Science Officer’ is none other than the same person behind ShooTag. It might amuse you to follow the saga of ShooTag on my site, and I think you may be particularly interested in the links between the ShooTag personnel and one William Nelson/Desiree Dubounet (if you don’t know who that is, trust me, you really want to).

    Anyway, there’s a lot of reading, but some of it is spectacularly good:


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