May 15

Forum Discussions – MOH: Museum of Hoaxes and Discovery

There are two (extremely long) threads on Museum of Hoaxes that I have read through.  While full of opinions and criticisms, it may be a bit light on links to actual facts.  Plenty of links to the marketing spin produced by LifeWave, CieAura, etc — but few links to evidence that exposes their scam.   However, if you were ever in need of more opinions on how many people beleive this stuff to be a scam/hoax/etc (and have a few hours to kill) read these forums:

Lifewave: http://www.museumofhoaxes.com/hoax/forum/forum_comments/2526

CieAura: http://www.museumofhoaxes.com/hoax/forums/viewthread/10252/

Also there is a less intense forum along the same theme on Discovery trying to convince Myth Busters to take on these product claims:




  1. Phil Louis-Philippe Parent

    Anything on the new company called mywinningfactor yet? Holographic discs. Thanks!

  2. dan

    I’ll have to look them up next time I have a few minutes to do another round of research – but if you’ve read through this site I suspect you’ll see similarities.

    I looked up their address from their website, and MyWinningFactor is just one of many clients in a Regus office (could be nothing more than a mailbox)

    My guess is that someone decided to stop selling LifeWave or CieAura and wanted to keep more of the revenue for themselves, I don’t have time to research the owners right now though.

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