May 21

“Dr.” David Schmidt’s LifeWave Patent Application

Way back in 2002, David Schmidt filed for a Patent for his LifeWave patch — go so far as to refer to himself as “Dr” (He only has a 2 year business degree, he’s not a doctor of any sort)

I have downloaded and OCR’ed the original patent application for your reference. Or you can read the patent yourself from the US patent office: (thanks again Joel on MOH Forums)

To retrieve the document go to http://portal.uspto.gov/external/portal/pair and get past the Captcha. Type in 60413617 into the Application Number Field, then hit the Submit button. Then select the Image File Wrapper tab. That will let you view and download the various parts of his provisional patent application including his signed cover letter, in which he twice claimed to be “Dr. David Schmidt.”

Keep in mind this is just an application. The actual patent has been rejected multiple times. (read: its a scam)

Again, Joel on MOH forums provided in a recent update on the Lifewave that Schmidt’s most recent patent application ( 12/915,419 ) was rejected on March 15,2012 — so I put together this history for those of you interested using the Patent Office website:

Application 60413617:
2002-09-25 Original Application
2004-07-19 EXPIRED PROVISIONAL (no file)

Application 10/669,596:
10669596 2003_09_25 Application
– I recommend flipping to PDF page 86 n this one to see Schmidt’s high tech drawings of a power bracelet/band for a good laugh.
10669596 2007_05_23 Lifewave Non Final Rejection
10669596 2008_02_19 Lifewave Final Rejection
10669596 2011_03_24 Lifewave Abbanodment

Application 12/915,419: (largely the same as prior application, including the poor drawings)
12915419 2010_10_29 Lifewave Application
12915419 2010_12_22 Lifewave Application Ammendment
12915419 2011_07_12 Lifewave Power of Attorney
12915419 2012_02_13 Lifewave Letter from Edward Blendermann to Deny
Edward claims it was his invention in patent application 10/075,221 which I haven’t researched yet. Not sure of his relation to any other ongoing fraud though.
12915419 2012_03_15 Lifewave Rejection

disclaimer: there is some additional fee related correspondence on the USPTO office if you’re interested that I did not capture, so this does not capture all correspondence on these patent applications.


Additionally David Schmidt’s has had 3 patent rejections unde the numbers 09/775,550, 09/886,935, and 09/887,531 for various other supposed inventions. If you care to look those up.

I suspect David Schmidt’s efforts to get a patent are so that he can say ‘Patent Pending’ and/or perhaps lure investors into his business under a guise of legitimacy.  He has been dragging out effectively the same patent application for nearly a decade.


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