Mar 16


Why did I create this site?

The tipping point was hearing that friends of mine were going to become resellers in a the snakeoil stickers sold by CeiAura.

However, I am equally motivated by my distaste for scams in general … most of us work too hard to make a honest dollar to sit idle while these criminal get a free ride.

When i started my research one afternoon just to prove CieAura was worthless, I discovered a whole lot more than I planed on.

Its easy to find the criticism on lack of evidence that the products could possibly do anything and just criticism of MLM’s in general … i was looking for something a bit more damning, so I just started digging into the owners of management to see how reputable they were.

I discovered a whole slew of companies pitching nearly identical products. Some of them told entirely different lies on how they worked, but the products all had the same unverifiable effects.    I had not been directly exposed to any of these before CieAura ( LifeWave, 8ight, Power balance, and the rest) — but its immediately obvious they are selling the same idea.

Its deeper than that — many of these companies have formed incestuously from the owners, CEOs, and sales people of the previous scam.

I’ll summarize my initial research in the next post and add to it as i have time. If you have dirt on these crooks that can be verified, feel free to comment with it and I’ll try to add it.


  1. Jen


    Do you know about this new company called “Prime My Body”? Paul Rogers is the CEO! I was going to get into it because the product is Hemp oil. Then I started to research Paul Rogers and I found your site. OMG!

    1. dan

      I haven’t had time to follow these scammers since my initial research efforts — however I wouldn’t trust anything to do with these guys.

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